What we Do

Hi. I’m Janine


I'm the proud owner of 9finity. Remember this one thing - Accessories Complete the Outfit!

From boardroom BOSS, to night out with the girls, to date night with your special someone or just casual weekend days, you absolutely need accessories to make an outfit look perfect.

Many of you are struggling with issues like finding accessories that look good, that are cheaply made, that causes irritation or that costs entirely too much money.

I provide fashion and accessories that are sophisticated, of high quality, lead/nickel free and extremely cost effective allowing you to get that Diva look without that Diva price tag - for the gentleman, that Suave look.   

How we look or how we think we look has a direct impact on how we feel about ourselves – I know it does for me!  Therefore, I want everyone to have a VIP experience here at 9finity because you are special.

9finity will always keep it sassy and classy because we understand that presentation matters.  I'm here to help you take your wardrobe to the next level while hopefully making you feel better about yourself in the process.